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Female & Male 3D Anatomy

Learn anatomy fully on the world’s most advanced female and male gross anatomy models, both with a real time beating heart.

Library of Content

Access and create a library of customisable learning content such as Screens, Quizzes etc.

Expert Led Courses

A series of highly detailed guided lessons through anatomical topics, created by subject matter experts.

Interactive 3D Models

Take the dissection table outside the lab with either of our full 3D gross anatomical models or our set of over 25 interactive microscopic anatomy models.

Atlas inspired by Gray’s

Access the Atlas, inspired by the Gray’s family of products with over 700 anatomical dissections and prosections called Screens.

All Body Systems

Incrementally turn on and off each of the 12 body systems. Virtually peel back the layers of the body to better understand human anatomy.

Join a community of almost 3,000,000 anatomy professionals, educators and students improving their productivity.

Professional Case Study

“When I discovered this platform, it was revolutionary for my practice”

Learn how Dr. Stephen O'Connor has transformed his practice with Complete Anatomy by making it easier to explain procedures and pathologies to his patients.

Student Case Study

"I love the accuracy of Complete Anatomy. It has that detail that medical students need to know."

Discover how Amy Morgan aces her anatomy exams using the Student license from Complete Anatomy.

Institutional Case Study

Complete Anatomy is transforming medical learning everywhere – want to see how it can transform medical learning at your school?

With Complete Anatomy, the education of anatomy is brought to life with the brilliance of 3D, personalizing your experience and allowing you to engage and interact with your learning like never before.

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